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Methane (VAM) It is envisaged for the Hunter River in Newcastle to establish a new industry to manufacture HDPE pipes, powered by excess methane energy Methane Gas Storage Carbon capture offset system to counterbalance emissions Proposed 450 to 600 MW Gas Fired Power Station STEEL, GRP or HDPE Treated Waste Water GRP or HDPE Pipe (Scheme 1


HYDROGEN SULPHIDE GAS IN SEWERS – THE CHALLENGES OF ODOUR AND CORROSION Jason Kane, Engineer, McBerns Treatment and reduction options can be developed by knowing how found in older pipes and fittings, knifegate valves, penstocks, inlets etc.

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(e.g. HDPE) pipes, surrounded with "Options to Reduce Methane Emissions (Final Report)", AEA Technology Report AEAT-3733 Issue 3, Noveer 1998. CCPM, 1997. “Measures to reduce landfill methane emissions in the EU”. A paper to the EU Ad Hoc Group on Climate, March 1997. CEPI, 1999. “CEPI Newsletter”, Nuer 13, August 1999

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Mitigation Options: • Replace cast iron mains with plastic or hodically protected steel and replace or hodically protect unprotected steel mains, or • Rehabilitate cast iron and unprotected steel pipes with plastic pipe inserts, also referred to as slip- lining or u-liners, or cured-in-place liners: o Slip-lining is a technique that

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Getting to Grips with Carbon Footprinting. from the extraction of raw materials used in pipe manufacture to materials used to bed the pipe in the ground all the way through to what happens at the end of the pipeline’s life as a drain or sewer. as the default value for concrete and HDPE pipes.

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This paper summarizes the basic concepts and mechanisms related to the durability of HDPE geomeranes and discusses the factors influencing the service life of geomerane liners.

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Main Appliions of HDPE Pipes FGS Brasil Distribution networks for natural gas and LPG, Robur GPL is engineered to load and unload methane, propane, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tankers. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options.

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The pipes to be used for gas collection will be HDPE pipes which are not susceptible to corrosion or light and will be 120 mm diameter. The pipes will be laid in such a manner to allow the drainage of condensate back into the well, preventing pipe blockage. A centrifugal pump will be used to create the required suction for gas extraction.

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to Enhance Methane Capture W. Gregory Vogt SCS Engineers 7 Noveer 2006, Rimini. 2 and gas collection pipes. ¾Demonstration at Ste. Sophie Landfill, Quebec and Fauquier County, VA. 14 Interior of HYEX reinforced landfill conduit; Options for Open Dumps

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Landfill Sites: Selection, Types, Techniques. The spacing of drainage pipes within the soil layer . Landfill gas (LFG), a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, has the potential to cause harm to human health, via explosion or asphyxiation, and to cause environmental damage such as crop failure.

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How does your gas extraction system work? Williams: The entire landfill contains 36 vertical gas extraction wells. Landfill gas is about 50 percent methane and 50 percent carbon dioxide. Pipes connect the wells to a common pipe attached to a large vacuum blower.

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About 87% of these are plastic tubes, 1% are hdpe, and 1% are recycled plastic. A wide variety of hdpe pipe pn16 pe100 options are available to PVC pipes for water PVC pipes for irrigation PVC Drainage pipe PVC pipes for coal seam methane extraction (PVC mine antistatic flame retardant composite pipe) PVC Pipes Fittings 4.Raw Materials

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LFG Energy Project Development Handbook Units of Measure, Element Syols, Constants and Variables v. Units of Measure, Element Syols, Constants and Variables . Btu British thermal unit cf Cubic feet cfm Cubic feet per minute CH. 4. Methane CO. 2. e Carbon dioxide equivalent GGE Gallons of gasoline equivalent gpd Gallons per day H. 2. S

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On average, the pristine HDPE pipe is 13 and 17 % higher in cost than the pristine/recycled HDPE and nanoclay composite pipes, respectively. Results of the LCA and cost analysis support using recycled HDPE as a substitute for pristine HDPE due to its low energy requirements and production costs.

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The methane can be extracted from the gas and used as fuel. The extraction system is a split system, meaning that methane gas can go to the boilers and/or the methane flares that burn the gas. A methane collection pipe helps capture the hazardous gas. A methane "flare" is …

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Vertical Extraction Wells - Design Features (continued) Boreholes typically 60 cm to 90 cm in diameter Casing is generally PVC or HDPE Bottom perforated - start 6 meters below ground surface Spacing depends upon “radius of influence” (typical 60 m - 122 m)

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Results for hdpe pipe services from UCI and other leading brands. Compare and contact a supplier serving Maryland HDPE pipe Services available in Maryland | Environmental XPRT


The main problem with submerged pipes is they are only effective for removing sludge near the inlet holes. After a period of time, a sludge void may develop near the inlet holes, reducing sludge removal efficiency. Suspension Removal . Covered pond digesters have been developed to generate methane from flushed manure while reducing the sludge


Methane (VAM) It is envisaged for the Hunter River in Newcastle to establish a new industry to manufacture HDPE pipes, powered by excess methane energy Methane Gas Storage Carbon capture offset system to counterbalance emissions Proposed 450 to 600 MW HELE Coal or Gas Fired Power Station STEEL, GRP or HDPE Treated Waste Water GRP or HDPE Pipe

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We use life cycle assessment (LCA) to systematically evaluate the energy and GHG emission burden of alternative HDPE pipe systems, considering life cycle stages from the extraction of feedstocks to end-of-life ().Four functionally equivalent alternative pipe formulations; pristine HDPE, HDPE/PCR, HDPE/PCR/nanoclay and bio-HDPE, are considered ().

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slotted HDPE pipe. Gas is transferred into the stack’s vertical venting column. The columns are normally fitted with a rotating aspiromatic cowl which provides a small vacuum and increases the efficiency of extraction. Static cowls and bollard options are available. Appliions • Methane venting Features • Corrosive Resistant

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d) Add additional insulation on hot water heaters and pipes. Insulation helps to reduce heat loss on hot water heaters and pipes to the environment. Hence, electricity used for heat the water can be reduced to get the heat you desired. e) Buy locally grown produce and locally produced food.

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Instead, biofuel options like corn and sugar based ethylene sources should be considered which are renewable, and can be derived locally rather than shipping oil in from the Middle East. Additionally, more efficient polyethylene and oil production methods should be researched, as a majority of energy usage in HDPE’s lifecycle is used in this phase.


extraction by simple pumping using flexible pipes over the eankment. (b) They are readily available for rapid deployment – by air if necessary. (c) They are robust and cost effective for short and long term term unprotected use. Expected service life of exposed HDPE exceeds 20 years.

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The area is then topped with special low permeability soil, an HDPE merane, more soil and vegetation cover. Holes are bored and piping collects the potentially hazardous methane gas. The quantity of vent pipes is determined based on many factors including the rate of decomposition, climate, thickness, the nuer of layers, and more.

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ABOUT US. ISCO has a long history of recognizing and building on opportunity. In 1962, he learned of a new product that would revolutionize the piping industry. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) was relatively new on the market, but already proving to be a more reliable, longer-lasting material compared to other options.

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