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Civil: HDPE is widely used in water mains (in rural and urban areas) and reticulation systems in municipal appliions as well as for gas distribution and sewerage, effluent and waste water. Agriculture: HDPE pressure pipes are specified for use in irrigation systems and water supply schemes to provide high performance and a long life expectancy.

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IIL Megaflo HDPE water pipe is designed for use in municipal and industrial appliions and provides a safe, corrosion free piping system for transporting potable water and other fluids. IIL HDPE water pipes are made in accordance to the highest quality standards (DIN 8074/75, ISO …

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HDPE pipes fittings are mainly used in municipal water supply and drainage systems, water treatment pipeline systems, industrial appliions involving corrosive media, These pipes offer superior flow characteristics while retaining their lightweight and flexible properties. 1.

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Acu-Drain HDPE is a complete drain, waste and vent system of pipes and fittings, manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Acu-Drain poly pipe is not pressure pipe, it is designed for wastewater pipelines, and fittings are consequently designed to use gravity to drain water and waste from the pipeline.

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HDPE Pipe. Dual wall HDPE pipe offers a smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior featuring exceptional hydraulics and strength. Built using appliion specific high-density polyethylene, it provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance making it an excellent alternative to reinforced concrete and corrugated steel pipe.


HDPE is known for its large strength-to-density ratio. Engineered for gravity flow systems and also pumping mains a wide range of HDPE Pipe are available to meet specific requirements of customers. Proper raw materials with PE-63 grades are selected for production and these polyethylene’s’ are polymerized in controlled environment thus producing PE pipes of high quality products

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K2 Pipeline Products sells PE4710 high performance bimodal high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe designed for Gas Gathering, Raw Water, Brine Water, Coal Bed Methane, Landfill Methane and Leachate. It has superior toughness and resistance to the harsh environments found in …

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Since early 1960s, polyethylene pipes (HDPE Pipe) have been increasingly used in the sea appliions. Discharging fluid, transferring fluid under the river or lake and taking fresh and sour waters are the main appliions of polyethylene pipes in the sea.In addition to given main appliions, these pipes may use in cases like temporary pipelines on the water surface and installation on slumps.

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Oil. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining provides superior protection against corrosion for a diverse range of oil and gas pipeline projects — especially those pipelines containing: Water transportation and Disposal, Sour gas, Three-phase oil emulsion, and crude oil.

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The pressure containing properties of HDPE and the long service life make this the superior choice for water and sewer lines. PPS is the global choice for customized mobile manufacture of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe systems that provide tested and reliable solutions to Oil & Gas, Mining, and Municipal customers worldwide.

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HDPE pipes deliver safe and clean water. These pipes offer numerous advantages such as chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, longer life cycle, better impact strength, light weight, lower installation costs, energy savings etc. New products, new appliions, new end uses of HDPE pipes makes it possible for the entrepreneurs to achieve a higher product mix and higher net

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The early developments of internal coating or paint on the internal surface of the pipeline experienced limited success due to appliion and joint coating. The second development is the evolution of superior grades of high density PE (HDPE), which are now the standard for PE lining. Life of HDPE is up to 50 years in water service.

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Hdpe Water Pipe,HDPE Gas pipe,Hdpe Water Pipe,Hdpe Pipe Fittings,Dredging floats. Country/Region: China. Plastic water pipe hdpe pipe and fittings for water pipeline systems. manufacturer 400mm hdpe pipe polyethylene pipes. China Manufacture Superior Professional Technology High Quality Flexible HDPE PVC hose pipe tube.

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For potable water, HDPE was initially limited to cold water service appliions, as early formulations were not strong enough for the high temperatures of hot water systems. Suppliers then developed cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) with superior strength and high temperature performance.


HDPE pipes can be used for several domestic, municipal, industrial and utility services. The following are the most commonly used appliions. a. Potable water supply networks b. Sprinkler Irrigation Systems & Drip Irrigations Systems verity c. Handling Saline Water, Sea water intake d. Suction & delivery of Water with Pump sets e.

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WEIDALINE HDPE pressure pipes are highly flexible, lightweight, versatile, chemical resistant, non toxic, UV resistant, has superior flowability and high impact resistance. We provide technical advice, installation and welding services as well as a wide range of accessories and fittings including pipe-welding machines.

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Borouge / Borealis Product List. PE Coating Systems. Borcoat HE3450-H High performance black bimodal HDPE topcoat for improved surface protection at higher design temperature range from -30 to +90°C. Borcoat HE3450 Black bimodal HDPE topcoat for pipe coating. Excellent properties from -45 up to +85°C that is produced using the Borstar technology.

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Geberit HDPE is the trusted name in drainage technology. It offers superior performance, high quality pipes and fittings with a low shrinkage rate compared to some brands – making it a cost effective choice. It is lightweight and yet virtually indestructible coming in a wide range of dimensions. For these reasons and more Geberit HDPE is ideal for prefabriion, high traffic

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HDPE (also called PE100 or PEHD) is the more superior, with the highest density; it does not dissolve in many chemical appliions and has excellent strength when used in water and pressure pipe systems (more information available here). PE100-RC (RC stands for Resistant to Cracks), is a form of PE which offers much greater resilience to cracking.

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Lined Pipe Systems. Pexmart lined pipe systems is a multinational company, specializing in pipeline construction, internal HDPE pipe lining, pipe rehabilitation and plastic pipe systems. Pexmart lined pipe systems are ideal for corrosive and abrasive products such as acid water, crude oil, slurry, wet gas, raffinate and effluent.

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Pressure pipeline systems are a critical appliion for materials and demand high levels of performance and reliability. It is not by chance that plastics pipeline systems have gained a considerable market share, particularly in the gas and water utilities supply system. This …

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Austin, a city of 25,000 residents, has been using HDPE for its water mains for the past 21 years with HDPE representing about 31 percent of the water pipe in the ground. Todd Jorgenson, gas and water operations director for Austin Utilities, said the nuer of water line breaks is about half of what they were experiencing 20 years ago.

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HDPE pipe can be used for potable water and contains no leachable compounds that will compromise water quality. Polyline Piping Systems (PPS) can provide NSF Standard 61 certified pipe for drinking water appliions. - Durable - HDPE is extremely strong and resilient.

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Pipeline effluent, marine outfalls, Salt-water intake lines, Rivers/ Canal crossing under water. Superior corrosion resistance, Superior wear resistance, Chemical resistance, Light Weight and Better impact.

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(DF) and is for a pipeline with no flow. However, all municipal water systems involve flowing water. For example, HDPE (PE4710) DR 17 pipe has a static pressure rating for water of 125 psig. The working pressure rating (WPR) is based on actual system requirements and is a dynamic pressure rating, that is, a pressure rating for pipe with flowing

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EONN HDPE Pipes are easy to install, because they are lightweight and come in long lengths. Because of their rapid installation properties and less frequent jointing, they are widely used in appliions which include stock watering, irrigation systems, communiion, gasses and reticulated water mains.

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