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hodic Protection: hodic protection (CP) can be roughly defined as retarding or preventing the corrosion of a metal by imposing an electrical current flowing to the metal through an electrolyte. In the case of buried piping, the pipe is the metal and the soil is the electrolyte. Fore more details on hodic protection refer the following

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supply installations. Although high-density polyethylene pipe was not in the standards for watermain materials, an assessment of the material and appropriate jointing methods determined HDPE pipe was flexible, resistant to corrosion and smooth-walled. Carlsbad Springs installed approximately 33.5km (20.8mi.) of HDPE watermain ranging from 75mm to

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HDPE pipe is produced in straight lengths up to 50 ft and coiled in diameters up to 6 in. Depending on pipe size, For sanitary sewer or industrial sewer service where conditions require corrosion protection. Ill Suited For: Sewer Pipe and Fittings: ASTM D3034, ASTM F679, ASTM F794, ASTM F949, ASTM F1336, ASTM F1803,

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Geberit HDPE is the complete solution for all types of drainage, both above and below ground. The pipes and fittings are manufactured from high density polyethylene and offer numerous advantages compared to conventional piping systems. Geberit HDPE has a high impact and abrasion resistance, is flexible and offers multiple connection options.

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HDPE manholes allow for every aspect of a pipe system to be made to withstand the test of time while also providing superior corrosion resistance, leak protection, and customization. HDPE can be fabried and shaped to be used for vaults, manhole chaers, geothermal tanks, and much more.


coination of HDPE pipe with Style 908 couplings, there was no post-joining corrosion protection work to be completed as there would have been if welded steel pipe had been chosen. The HDPE pipe was grooved prior to it arriving onsite, which provided additional time savings, allowing the contractor, Marine Technologies,

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IPEX Centurion extends the corrosion-free benefits of Blue Brute® to larger diameters of pipe and new appliions. The versatility and ease of installation of IPEX Centurion is unmatched – costly and difficult to install corrosion protection can be eliminated. In addition, unlike HDPE or concrete pressure pipe, every length of IPEX

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We provide High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE Pipe), HDPE Plastic Pipe and HDPE Irrigation Pipe, which is available in all standards like ISI-4984, ISO-4427, DIN-8074 and various grades like PE-63, PE-80, PE-100 and newly invented PE 100 material that is approved by international agencies such as Bodycote, Germany. Made using 100%

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AGRU to extrude world’s largest HDPE pipe Fittings are essential components in any piping system, serving to connect straight pipes, hodic corrosion protection, water hammers, temperature, and debris are further influencers that have to be considered.

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HDPE is a thermoplastic pipe that is made from petroleum and is completely resistant to corrosion. Because it is strong enough to withstand appliions above or below ground, or in water, HDPE is used in a variety of appliions such as mining, chemical/petrochemical and other process-related industries.

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Many corrosion-protection schemes rely on high pH, but this is a problem for systems that include boilers that have aluminum heat exchangers because aluminum is not compatible with high pH. The coination of steel pipe and aluminum heat exchangers requires a very narrow pH range in hydronic systems, typically 8 to 8.5.

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Exposed HDPE Pipe - UV Protection. A discussion started in 207 but continuing through 2019. 2007. Q. I have some HDPE pipe that will be exposed to the suns UV radiation on a Raw Water Supply line. I am looking for a glossy clear coat to apply to the HDPE Pipe that will protect from UV radiation.

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FAQS for HDPE pipes. Q: What is HDPE pipe? A: HDPE stands for high density polyethylene (many times just referred to as PE), and is made from ethylene, which can be derived from either crude oil or natural gas. HDPE Pipe is extremely strong, durable, flexible, corrosion free and chemical resistant.

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When fused together, HDPE has a zero leak rate because the fusion process creates a monolithic HDPE system. HDPE pipe is also a more environmentally sustainable option as it is non-toxic, corrosion- and chemical-resistant, has a long design life, and is ideal for trenchless installation methods because of its …

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Fusible Piping Solutions Take advantage of Core & Main’s one-stop shop for all of your fusible piping needs. As one of the largest nationwide distributors of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, we supply the most complete line of products including molded fittings, fabried fittings, electrofusion fittings, transitions, valves and custom fabriion.

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Unfortunately, this book can''t be printed from the OpenBook. If you need to print pages from this book, we recommend downloading it as a PDF. Visit to get more information about this book, to buy it in print, or to download it as a free PDF

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PVC and HDPE pipe are inarguably the two most popular pipes used in underground construction. In a Trenchless Technology survey published in our August issue in 2008, we polled sewer system operators and consulting engineers from around the United States about their pipe choices.

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HDPE is a thermoplastic pipe that is made from petroleum and is completely resistant to corrosion. Because it is strong enough to withstand appliions above or below ground, or in water, HDPE is used in a variety of appliions such as mining, chemical/petrochemical and other process-related industries.

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Q&A format guide On this page, we’ll cover all of the basic questions that get asked about HDPE pipe. Much of what you might find on the topic is either heavy reading, (getting really scientifically in-depth), or shows simple price lists and size charts. Here, we set out a list of questions and answers that […]

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Shawcor''s internal pipe coating services provide flow efficiency and corrosion protection for natural gas, water, conduction and production pipelines. From polyurethane to FBE coating, we stand out among internal pipe coating companies with end-to-end solutions. SureFlo™ FEC is a thin-film epoxy coating applied in natural gas pipelines to

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HDPE Compressed Air Pipe Fittings. Because of its considerable strength-to-density ratio, HDPE pipes and fittings can be found in many systems calling for corrosion-resistant piping. These appliions include food production, water and waste water transport, natural gas pipelines and fuel systems.

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HDPE Fittings Suppliers South Africa – Royal Majestic Royal Majestic is a leading HDPE fittings supplier in South Africa, offering clients high quality HDPE fittings at very competitive prices. Royal Majestic’s HDPE fittings are used throughout the country, and …

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HDPE pipe was selected over competing products for its increased flexibility, durability, and longevity. HDPE’s physical properties also facilitated installation, reduced transport costs, and promised to cut back on maintenance requirements and downtime as a result of the pipe’s chemical stability and resistance to corrosion.


HDPE pipe is heat-fused together to form a connection that is as strong or stronger than the pipe itself. Fused connections are self-restraining, so you don’t need the costly fittings and thrust blocks or restraints that other pipe materials require.

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The design of HDPE corrugated drainage pipe is based on the assumption that the pipe will deform and thus relieve stress. Consequently, ductility is an essential parameter to accommodate allowable deflection during the pipe’s service life. These HDPE pipes and fittings have a high degree of corrosion resistance, are light in weight.

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Q. 47 What HDPE fittings are available for HDPE pipe? Fittings are available in sizes from ½” to 65”. Molded elbows, tees and concentric reducers are standard up to 12”. Fabried fittings that include elbows, equal tees, reducing tees, laterals, crosses, concentric reducers, and eccentric reducers are usually stocked up to 24”.

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