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The right hand/left hand reverse thread aluminum couplings are our most economical and versatile coupling for polyethylene innerduct. The couplings work equally well for smooth wall, corrugated, or ribbed type innerduct, and are made in all sizes of SDR and SIDR rated innerducts from 3/4" to 6".

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The ability to join dissimilar materials, such as, PVC, HDPE, fiberglass, or metal makes the E-Loc a versatile coupling for the telephone, electrical, and cable industries. Patented. E-Loc Couplings are available to fit conduit sizes from ½" through 8", including several special diameters.

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Joint Restraint Products The Series 7200 Super Flange® is a restrained flange adapter designed to connect plain end pipe to a flange end component. May be installed on ductile iron, steel, PVC, PVCO and HDPE pipe. • Versatile product designed for adapting metal and plastic pipe to flange connections.

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Newcastle Industrial Plastics offer versatile PE100 HDPE long spigots for both buttwelding and electrofusion systems. Including stub flanges, elbows, tees, elongated bends, junctions, reducers, barrel unions, poly ball valves and accessories, male and threaded adaptors as well as end caps.


BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive is a versatile field-friendly conduit joining solution. It works for multiple conduit types and sizes. It is easy to use and no special training is required. Adhesive Shear Strength: Typical bond strengths were measured by joining two pieces of HDPE conduit with a PVC coupling and BonDuit® Adhesive.

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Temperature changes can cause slight variations of the dimensions of PVC piping, most notably in the length of the pipe. Generally speaking, you can expect a change of approximately 3/8-inch in length per every 100 feet of piping for every 10 degree F temperature change; this rule is typical of all PVC piping regardless of diameter.


JCM 429 Fabried Tapping Sleeve for HDPE, PVC & Steel Pipe with Mechanical Joint Outlet Typical SpecifiionTapping sleeves for 4\" through 12\" HDPE, PVC, steel pipe shall be the high strength type having a wide body,made of a minimum material strength of ASTM 285 Grade C Steel, which conforms to and reinforces the pipe.The sleeve shall be

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Cabletec''s PE-PVC Transition couplings were designed as a simple economical solution to the problem of connecting polyethylene duct to standard IPS metal or PVC pipe or fittings. The couplings are air/water tight to 180 lbs. psi, have high pullout strength and easily handle the leverage stresses exerted from connecting large radius sweeps and full-length pipe sections.

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ALUMINUM REVERSE THREADED COUPLER 1-1/2" US COUPLER AR1.900 SIZE: 1-1/2" NOMINAL DUCT: 1.900. This line of couplers is machined with right hand - left hand threads which draw both sides of the innerduct into the coupler at a smooth relative rate.

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The SharkBite 1 in. Push-to-Connect PVC (Iron Pipe Size) x 1 in. CTS (Copper Tube Size) is the easiest way to transition from IPS PVC Pipe into CTS Copper, PEX, CPVC or PE-RT in any coination with no soldering, clamps, unions, or glue.

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The widest couplings available on today’s market, Flexseal’s Magnum couplings are manufactured in EN681-1 EPDM rubber with Grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel clamps and shearbands for a high-performance seal on pipes with larger diameters. Fernco PVC drainage couplings The bestselling PVC drainage couplings from Fernco are engineered in

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That being said, it is still a very cost-effective and versatile material. We recommend the use of PVC for recreational use/building, cold water systems, vent systems, and drainage systems. CPVC is recommended for appliions where the maximum temperature will exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but stay under CPVC''s max rating of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


HYMAX unique top-facing bolts enable easy installation access while its ready-to-use, stab-on design eliminates the need for extensive under-pipe digging and work. HYMAX’s dynamic pipe deflection of up to 4 ° per side, reduces the risk of damage and cracking of …

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The versatile range is made from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene material that prevents moisture absorption, ensuring installation is quick, simple and reliable every time. Philmac’s threaded fittings provide maximum versatility, delivering a high performance connection across a wide range of pressure ratings and chemical coinations.

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PVC pipe itself does not usually have threaded ends. This is just one reason that most PVC fittings have slip ends. "Slip" in PVC does not mean the connection will be slippery, but rather that the fitting will slip right over the pipe. When putting pipe into a slip fitting, the connection may seem tight, but to transport any liquid media, it


GRUVLOK® COUPLINGS FOR GROOVED-END PIPE Gruvlok couplings for grooved-end pipe are available in nominal pipe sizes 1" thru 30" and metric sizes. The variety of coupling designs provide a universal means for the connection of pipe, fittings and pipe system components. The wide assortment

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Effect of coupling agent and nanoclay on properties of HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC blend and Phargamites karka nanocomposite Article in Composites Science and Technology 70(12):1755-1761 · October 2010

300 Stainless Steel, Neoprene Shielded Transition Coupling

This versatile and durable FERNCO Proflex® shielded transition coupling allows you to easily make pipe connections that are resistant to shear forces, while creating a rigid, long-lasting pipe joint. Coupling consists of an elastomeric neoprene gasket, 300 stainless steel sleeve, and 2 …

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Out of the many conduit forms available, PVC conduit is considered best for outdoor appliions. Among all conduit types, PVC is lightweight and versatile. Available in a variety of thicknesses or grades, PVC is well suited for direct burial or above ground work.

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Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) is the most widely used of all plastics used for pipe installations. It is rigid, versatile, and is suitable for both above or below ground installations. It has excellent chemical resistance which, when coined with smoothness of bore, eliminates build up of scale and gives good flow characteristics.

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No single plastic is perfect for every use, but there is one plastic out there that can take on almost any job: HDPE. HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is the most widely used type of plastic in the world. This versatile material is in hard hats and shampoo bottles. It’s …

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joining two pieces of HDPE conduit with a PVC coupling and BonDuit Adhesive. The force required to pull apart the joint after 24 hours at 70° F (21° C) was measured. Conduit diameter pullout force 1½” = 1233 lbs./ sq. ft.; 2” = 2,025 lbs./sq. ft.; 4” = 5,333 lbs./sq. ft.

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A Versatile Solution for Pipe Jointing. MaxiFit universal pipe couplings are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters. One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, PVC, cast iron, GRP and asbestos cement pipes … A Versatile Solution for Pipe Jointing.

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And now you can–with SharkBite PVC Transition Fittings. SharkBite Slip Coupling is an innovative repair coupling that allows you to make a quick repair on copper or CPVC Pipe. Pluing copper is measured by its nominal inside diameter (ID), while ACR copper is measured by its outside diameter …

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E-Loc®couplings feature a strong PVC outer shell with a flexible elastomer inner sleeve. Click for more information about E-Loc couplings. The Double E-Loc® coupling was developed for joining both smooth and ribbed HDPE duct, specifically for pneumatic methods of cable placement.


E-LOC® COUPLING . The E-Loc Coupling is a compression coupling that provides a watertight/airtight connection in buried or restrained appliions. The ability to join dissimilar materials, such as, PVC, HDPE, fiberglass, or metal makes the E-Loc a versatile coupling for the telephone, electrical, and cable industries. Patented.

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